Saturday, April 16, 2016

Challenge #3

I'm back today with challenge three, to incorporate a little bit of everyday life into a project.

As No1 son opened a kitchen draw to grab a straw, there it was. My bit of everyday life. Since he had his braces fitted nearly two years ago, he drinks most of his drinks through a straw. 

The green straws were a perfect colour match for the layout I was planning. 

My little Scrum Half 

When I first put my counterfeit kit together I was concerned with how i'd use it. Most of my layouts are boy oriented and with a pile of rugby photo's to scrap I wanted to ensure I would try and adapt the kit to include at least one rugby layout.

Keeping it simple with only two patterned papers I used paste and a Tim Holtz stencil for added texture. 
It was the 3rd January 2016.  It rained non stop. It was bitterly cold. They were the only club squad to play a game. They put their heart and sole into it and he enjoyed every minute. They won :) and guess who got to take the squad kit home to wash! 

Thank you so much to the counterfeit team for having me and for getting me back into creating. I've enjoyed it all - even after my initial kit shock :) 

It's a super way to use up stash that you may not usually pick out when putting a project together. I 'm very happy I have three more stories recorded and I'm sure I will be forging kits in the future x 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Challenge #2

Today's challenge is to choose a project from the  C'est Magnifique February Kit Post to inspire one of your own. 

I chose this 4x6 spread to inspire a 12x12 layout. The clean simple lines of the top right hand pocket drew me in. 

Here's how it turned out. 

what a difference 24 years makes eh! 

I used another fabric frame around the photo. I've had these frames for over a year and I'm so glad I included them in the kit and have now actually used some. 

What from C'est Magnifique 's February Kits will inspire you to create ? 

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Challenge #1 Shabby Chic Technique:

Good morning and welcome back.

The first Counterfeit Kit Challenge is to incorporate a  Shabby Chic Technique into a project. 

This challenge brought back memories of my early days of scrapbooking were I used a craft knife to distress the edges of paper pieces. I always wanted one of those distress wheels you ran along the edges.

Using the kit, the two techniques I choose to include are distressing and layering. 

My first background paper choice was the sheets of element paper.

Layering up many patterns, all edges were distressed....

...and held together with a staple. 

I love how it turned out. 

What shabby chic technique springs to mind for you? 

and which one will you choose to use on your next project?

He said "It's not everyday a bird whispers in my ear"

Friday, April 01, 2016

Counterfeit Kitting

Hello... and good morning.

Recently I was invited to be a guest designer at Counterfeit Kit Challenge - an excellent opportunity  for me to get back into the swing of scrapping and sharing. A little nervous I awaited details of the kit we would be forging.

...and here it is Cest Magnifique Kits . A very traditional kit.

If blogger allowed us to have emojis, right now you would see lots of shock, horror faces. 

Feminine, florals, fancy frames, flowers, lace.... eck!

Ahhh  but know us scrapbookers we can't be beaten so I started to pull a kit together that would work for me - keeping in mind the elements shown in the above photos.

I started out by selecting my papers. The main thing that stuck me about this kit is the element of Black in it, hence the first paper I chose was:
  • Black polka dots (no pink polka's anywhere in my stash). Followed by, 
  • A bold floral paper (The only bold floral paper I have). 
  • A sheet of patterned elements paper 
  • A sheet of antique style paper (peaking out of bottom left hand corner)
  • 2x bold patterned paper. Red and Pink
  • and some small 6x6 papers. 
I added three sheets of 12x12 plain Bazzill. 
  • Black
  • Dark Grey and 
  • Yellow. 
Next up, I looked all through my stash to find some,
  • Fabric frames
  • Dollies, Twine and washi tape
  • Flowers (using these would be a challenge in itself!) 

To make this kit work I knew I needed to add some things that I could use with boy photos. So if you haven't noticed I included some rugby flair, Tim Holtz Stencil, Mist and Texture Paste. 

Finally, I would't get very far without a selection of Alpha. 

The one thing that kept popping into my mind throughout this was to keep it simple.

For me, a traditional kit is very overwhelming so I needed to create a kit, inspired by C'est Magnifique, that I knew I would want to use.

And after my initial shock, I have a kit I can't wait to use it. 

Thank you Counterfeit Kit Team.

Before I go you'll want to check out all the team members who will have fantastic kits to share.

See you soon x

Monday, January 11, 2016

It started with a .....

.....what's app message.

 From my lovely friend.

I do like a challenge and while I've been cutting and sticking for many years I do like to try out other things. 

"No problem" I said...rummaging for some threads. I wasn't sold on the crocheted bracelets - the wool wasn't doing it for me. So I set about making several macrame versions using hemp, twine and cotton threads. (It's amazing what us scrapbookers have amongst our stash). 

Sitting watching telly with a little basket on my lap, making up friendship bracelets, who knew it wouldn't be long before I was hooked, and like any hobby it wasn't long before I was sporting a colourful stash.

From making the first few plain friendship bracelets, I moved onto beads. And stitching. 
You know your poor family suffer when your brother in law says 
"don't you go making me any of those" I'm sure they dread my new hobbies!

Have you tried macrame? 

Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Year...

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

I couldn't see the new year in without saying a few words. For us 2015 ended on a low. Two weeks before Christmas we lost my very dear Great Aunt Chrissy.  She really was a treasure.  A beautiful person inside and outside and someone who played a huge part in our lives up until Dementia took over a number of years ago. When you were with her you laughed constantly. You really did. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Her outlook on a happy life was incredible. With so many memories it was hard to say goodbye.

Those memories are what we hold onto .....

So ..... here's to 2016 and making memories.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Me on Monday

Hello to all you Me on Mondayer's. A whole month has passed since I was here last. I apologise for not visiting you all.

On 1 October I increased my weekly working week. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Coincided with No.3 son starting secondary school and you know a little extra makes all the difference.

After a month I am still trying to find a balance. The work-life balance is working well. It's the rugby balance which seems more full on, more than in previous seasons. As well as weekly training sessions, we have morning games, afternoon games and it seems like an awful lot of tournaments.

This weekend for example... Saturday we left home at 8.30 am in the most horrendous weather conditions. No. 2 son played four games. We arrived home at 3pm. Thoroughly cold and wet through....and that was just me.

Sunday, we leave home around 9.20am for training10-12pm for No3 son with No1 son playing in the afternoon. Arrive home 3pm.

A whole weekend gone - more or less!

The increase in my working days, coupled with full on rugby weekends has left me with very little cutting and sticking time...sob. This isn't a moan. It just a way of me saying how our family life is changing slightly as the boys grow. It doesn't seem that long ago they were bathed and put to bed with a story at 7pm...leaving me to craft for a few hours. Especially when the hubster was on a late shift. These days we all sit together of an evening, it's not going to be long before they are off doing their own things so I mean to make the most of being with them...even if it means cutting and sticking will be a little limited.

Although I've been relaxing in the evenings...I've not been sitting idol... as soon as I can i'll share some pics with you.

I am hoping you are all good and I will get around to catch up with you all very very soon.

Leaving you with a photo from the RWC Fiji vs Uruguay game. Settled in our seats before the stadium filled up. 

Monday, October 05, 2015

Me on Monday

Would it surprise you if I said we had another weekend of rugby. It started with the Canadian team arriving in MK... the Canadian coach stopped outside work and the eagle eyed in our office spotted it. That night our local news covered the game and an interview with our club chairman. It was funny to see him pop up on TV.  It's quite something to have some of the hype on your doorstep.
Did you notice I slipped in a photo of me with England captain Chris Robshaw? :)  
My mother in law came to stay over the weekend. Bet she wished she'd chosen another weekend, one that wasn't dominated with rugby games. That's what happens in a house full of boys. We did pop out on Saturday for a tree top walk before drowning our sorrows after the England and Australia game.

Sunday came, all three boys had games. There were two losses, one draw... two hospital visits (not any of mine...but worrying all the same) ...  a medal and three pairs of achy legs, one sporting a massive and very sore looking bruise. Oh why couldn't they have been dancers or swimmers instead!

Tonight sees me hooking out our tickets for tomorrow nights RWC Fiji vs Uruguay game. We're all excited and i'll be back to let you know all about it.

Joining Sian and all her Me on Mondayer's. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Me on Monday

The weekend was one of washing machine buying, extractor fan changing, fifa playing, NCS graduating, pizza cooking and entertaining.

Seeing No1 son with the boys he's known since his first day at school here, makes me smile. They're always laughing. He's around 5ft 10/11 tall and looks like a midget next to the other three, who are all well over 6ft. He's on his tip toes in the middle row right hand photo.
All photos are from another mum who has a massive camera and takes super shots
It wouldn't have been a weekend without lots of rugby watching and playing.

We spent Saturday evening, just the five of us with chocolate, popcorn and beer, cheering on England. I often wonder what it would be like if my Grandad was still alive. With a name like Millwyn, he sure was Welsh. Born in Swansea, moved to West London with my nan (who passed away when I was seven, so I have a very little memory of her) There's no doubt he would have been outnumbered watching the game.

Sunday we rushed from his NCS graduation to his rugby match. Arriving five minutes before kick off. I 've never seen him move so fast. He was out of the car and flying up the stairs into he club faster than we could say "good luck". They played a good game but sadly lost. We arrived home for pizza, friends and the Ireland game. Sian...did you notice? we were cheering on Ireland.
While waiting for No1 son after his game. No2 son took the time to practise his kicking. I always think there's a lot of pressure on the kicker in a game. His determination will take him far.  After watching him, I'm in no doubt he can do it.

So there you have it...another weekend in my world, where sometimes it feels like all there is is Rugby! and rugby kit washing!

Today, Monday I was feeling tired. It might have something to do with all the wine we drank last night. It might have been because it was a fairly busy weekend. was the wine! So while I was driving home from work No2 & 3 son...would you believe it, were still at school...for after school Rugby training!

You know sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I'd had girls :)


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Singapore sling.....

.......Margarita or Strawberry Daiquiri. 
What's your favourite cocktail? 
Stamps - Stampin up and Clearly Besotted
Me, I'm partial to a Pina Colado. For an evening out I would probably go for a Woo Woo. On holiday by the pool a Mojito. There really is one for all occasions.

I've learnt my lesson mixing cocktails over the years ( Lets just say, they may taste delicious...but they have an awful after effect :)  With so many to try it always seems a shame to stick to just one. But just one it is these days.

What's your favourite?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Me on Monday

Right now... I am at work, sitting at my desk trying to recall all the back to back meetings that took place last week. It was a long week. Still it'll soon be Wednesday and I can look forward to a nice long weekend.

How has your Monday been?

The opening of the weekend was good. I mean winning the Rugby was a good start. After a day of coffee with some scrap friends in the morning and an afternoon  with the girls, I arrived back home to quickly run the hoover around while waiting for the boys to arrive home from school (and work). Gathering some drinks together we all headed over to friends for pizza and Rugby. A winning combination.

It was a late night so I have some quiet time Saturday morning to catch up on some blog reading before getting stuck into the pile of ironing. I've never had so many shirts to iron! My little cheeky nephew is five next week so we all headed over to theirs for birthday celebrations...after the Japan vs South Africa game. Wow what a win for Japan. A fabulous game to watch.
Photos with the birthday boy and Uncle Iron man. 
With the world cup upon us, there was some new t-shirt buying. Two training sessions for No2 and No3 son and the first match of the season for No1 son. Thankfully the hubster wasn't working Sunday, so he went of to watch the match while I was with the other two. I never like missing their games but sometimes it's logistically impossible to be with them all.
The whole club has new match kits and No3 son modelled his. I'd say there's plenty of growing room.

After school tonight No2 son will be staying for Rugby club...if it's on. With most boys interested in Football any rugby at the school is limited. As three world cup games are held near here it is hoped that more boys will take an interest in playing this fantastic sport.

Whatever today holds for you, I hope it is a good one. Waving to Sian x

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Following on form my previous post, I have another layout to share with you today.

Camping isn't all its cracked up to be. This I am sure off. It's a hard holiday. Not one of relaxing. There's always something that needs doing. And when it rains. Quite honestly it's pretty darn miserable.

That's why when you camp, you go with friends. Friends that you can laugh with and cry with. Even with all the rain. We held it together ..... we laughed..... we didn't cry.....we simply, drank more!!

Drink is essentially when you camp. Me thinks. I'm sure there are many of you that would agree.
After a few, you definitely sleep well. That is until you need a wee..... :)

We started early with  pre-camping drinks. I mean...why not!
A snapshot from one of our pre-camping evenings.
Papers, embellies and alphas Scraptastic Kit Club, Flair Feed your craft
Grey and pink, one of my favourite colour combinations. I kept it simple, with pretty embellishments vellum and lots of stitching..There is a little clip board under the photo holding my journalling.

Do you camp? As much as I think it's a hard is one we enjoy. The fresh air (maybe a little too fresh at times) the freedom, the general togetherness...every one pitching in. We wouldn't have had it any other way. 

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you on Monday.
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