Friday, July 03, 2015

Bon Voyage

Happy Friday to you.

This week has been beautiful - some may say it's been too hot, I'm not complaining. I've waited a long time for some proper sunshine, I just hope it stays a little while longer. 

I'm sharing a card today - even the sewing machine was dusted off. There was no-one in mind when making this ... I went with the flow and this was the result. 

It's kinda cute. 
Stamps are from Clearly Besotted 
I'm off shopping this morning with No1 son, it's never ending at the moment. Later i'll be having lunch with the girls and getting my afternoon fix of non stop laughter.

Whatever you're doing today - enjoy yourself and have a lovely weekend. I'll see you on Monday x

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Walking Dead

Warning: if you are not into the whole zombie thing and they freak you may not wish to scroll down any any further!

Don't say I didn't warn you :)

It all started a couple of years ago when No1 son bought the first couple of Walking Dead comics. I posted about it here. No1 son and I share a love for these comics.

We all sit together and watch the episodes when they're on telly... after No2 and No3 son have gone to bed. It would give No3 son nightmares for sure.

When the hubster downloaded a zombie app on his phone, he spent ages turning us all into zombies... it must be boy thing. 

 I like the clean makes a change not to have stamped or inked on the page. 

Papers Teresa Collins, flair Feed your Craft 

Are you a Walking Dead fan? 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Me on Monday

Joining in with Sian and waving to you all, hoping you all had an enjoyable weekend. 

As I'm getting ready for work this morning, ensuring No2 son has all the ingredients for his cooking class this morning and No3 son resembles a tennis player for their Wimbledon day, I'm wishing it was still the weekend.  

Ours was good. We started early with a bbq with friends to end a lovely sunny sports day, where No3 son won his sack race. He was chuffed to bits. There was office wear buying (for his 6th form induction days this week) and prom shoe shopping for No3 son. There was cake testing for No2 son's fruit flan.  

We supported the school for the summer fete, took photos of the Rose Queen and Thorn King. He's been friends with these two for a long long time.  Mum and dad came over Saturday evening for tea. They've been over in France for the past three weeks so it was good to see them. 

I spent time doing the housework, paying for our summer holiday (*yay* not long to go now), renewing my car tax and getting car insurance quotes. A job I hate as much as I hate looking for new mobile phone contracts. In the end he took over and relieved me of the hassle.  Getting quotes i find fustrating, not to say long winded, I could be getting on and doing something else.... like typing a blog post :)

wishing you all any enjoyable week x

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fire Fire

Happy Friday... the sun is shinning and we have a teacher training day here today, for No2 son. No1 son has finished school - which means only No3 son went off to school this morning :( 
Thankfully he didn't seem too bothered. 

Before I get tied up in the household chores I have a card to share with you today.

It's the very last one from the backgrounds I made.

I used another of  Jennifer Grace's Happy Scatter stencils. 

The same principle used here was applied and after heat setting the embossing powder on the triangles I stamped out my little fire engine.

Picking two Tim Holtz distress inks, which were used like watercolours, to finish off the card.

Here's a close up of the little engine itself. Isn't is cute. It's from the same stamp set as the police car I used in an earlier post.

If I've learnt anything from putting these cards together its:-
  • to make sure you use a good quality watercolour card. This means you can move the ink around and if you're not happy you can add/dab off the water/ink, until you are. 
  • you should probably invest in a decent set of watercolours.  I read somewhere that cheap watercolours could be the reason a lot of people don't get on with them.  
  • distress inks can be used like watercolours. I got on with the distress inks much better than my watercolours.
  • to experiment - you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
  • add your inked sentiment after you've coloured your background unless you heat emboss it. 
  • mostly to enjoy your creative time, relax and go with the flow and have no preconception on how your card will turn out. 
Thank you for all your comments while I've been sharing these cards. I appreciate them all. Have a super weekend and I'll see you on Monday x 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hello Sunshine

Good morning, I'm so glad it's Wednesday, the end of my working week.

After sixteen years of holding out I took the plunge back in January and subscribed to a kit with 
Scraptastic club. For a long while I have been a follower of Nathalie,  one of their design team members. She has boys and I always noticed that her kits didn't appear girlie. I think that's what sold it to me.

My first kit arrived and it was so lovely...I can say every last element was used. I found it quite a luxury to create a few layouts without having to ransack all my stash. The kits in the months following arrived they were all lovely too...the only thing was they all arrived with customs duty charges. I knew this was a possibility, yet when another item I ordered which was below the UK limit also arrived with a charge, it was becoming expensive. So I made the decision to stop the kits *inserts very sad face* thinking that the extra duty charges would be better spent on pretty papers.

I'm now on the look out for a UK based kit, can you recommend one? 
Papers Scraptastic Kit Club, Flair Feed your Craft, Triangle stencil Happy Scatter 
  I'm still working my way through the last kit and using up scraps from the earlier ones. 

 The yellow tag tucked underneath holds my journalling.
Papers Scraptastic, Triangle stencil Happy Scatter and Flair Feed Your Craft
No2 son struggles with me pointing the camera at him, so it was lovely to get this gorgeous shot of him - even with the dollop of sand on the end of his nose. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Me on Monday

Hello there, I'm waving to Sian (and you) on this Monday Morning from my desk at work.

The weekends just fly by don't they. After laying low for a few weekends while someone was studying, it was nice to pack in a few things this weekend. We started off with an end of exam celebratory dinner and welcome home cuddles with my baby, who was away with the school last week. He had a fantastic time, took some fabulous photos. But my it's good to have him home. The dynamics of the house change when one of them isn't here and I really don't like it (something I know I will have to get used to as they grow up).

So the weekend was filled with washing and ironing (real dirty stuff from his week away), ingredient buying for No2 son's cooking class today, bike tinkering (the front garden looked like a scene from Steptoe and Son - really it did), jean buying because he splashed acid over his new ones (I told him you pay good money for jeans with holes in...but no, he wasn't having it). And end of school partying. Then there was fathers day celebrating....

At Go-ape.
We've never been before. This one is in a safari park. So there was a little of something for everyone. Them up on the  high ropes and me with my feet firmly on the ground with my camera in hand.  After we shared a picnic and had a mosey on around the safari park. A perfect day, all together and relaxed.
They took the photos above when they were up in the trees. There's one of me too, pointing my camera up at them.

And a few shots I took. 

My favourite photo from the whole day is this handsome fella. He was so close to us. 

 Hoping you all have something special to share from the weekend. Happy Monday to you. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

You Did It

Hello and Good's been a long week here as No1 son ploughs through a week of exams (His last two today, Physics and Further Maths...yay) and No3 son has been away with the school. I'm looking forward to a big cuddle from him this afternoon when he gets home. 

I wanted to say thank you for sticking with me while I shared my card backgrounds with you. The whole reason these posts came about was because of Jennifer's recent blog event where he bokeh challenge inspired me to go on and create many more backgrounds.

I've got two more cards to share using items from Jennifer's Happy Scatter shop. Her stencils. You can see her post here where she used this stencil to make a similar card.

All of the cards I've shared so far showed embossed stamped images. This only difference with this one is the way the versamark ink is applied..with a finger stubbie through the stencil. It's then covered with embossing powder and heat set. 

It worked so well don't you think?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Using the left overs

Good morning to you all. 

How's your week going so far?

Today I'm going to share with you another card from my series of background designs......

...using the leftovers.

 From almost every project we create we have leftovers and sometimes these get put into a box/folder of scraps....and on occasions never looked at again. 

Not this time. 

When I cut the backgrounds to size I had a strip of watercolour paper left. I took three of the strips and held them together with wash tape.
Hopefully you can see from the above pictures the idea was to stamp images across the three strips to give a continued effect.

Again stamping one image and embossing it before moving on to stamp the next image.
The whole piece was set with a heat gun and inked using Tim Holtz distress ink mixed with water.

The panels were mounted with foam tape and adhered to the card.

Did you notice the flower eyelet?
I bet you have a handful of shaped eyelets somewhere? :) 

It's the end of my working week today *yay* and I am looking forward to some crafty time. 

I'll be back on Friday x 


If you'd like to hook out your old heat gun and embossing powder then please feel free to join in and create your own background.  If you do please leave a comment and link me up and I'll send a little card related gift in the post to one of you.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Me on Monday

Waving to Sian and all you Monday morningers.

We've tried to keep our weekend low key again as we head into the last week of GCSE exams, the hardest week he tells me. We had a birthday in the house, my gorgeous No2 son turned 13. He doesn't like a lot of fuss so he had a pizza night after school with some school friends and we went out for dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate. Nanny Arnold came to stay for the weekend, there was Jurassic World watching, birthday cake eating, school trip packing and a little blog updating
     and another one of me and my birthday boy. 
Before heading to work this morning, I will be seeing No3 son off for the week on his end of primary school residential trip. He has been so excited, I just know he will make the most of his weekend away and I'll be counting the day's till he comes home :(

Whatever your week ahead holds for you - have a good one.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Ferries Wheel

Welcome back to this little series of backgrounds.

I'm sure by now you've got the hang of how I created this background from the earlier posts.

Stamp, sprinkle, heat emboss and ink.

You can see I started off with a ombre effect but when I got to the bottom I preferred the darker pink so I added more ink and water to cover the whole of the card.

Currently my most favourite stamp this is.

You'll notice that I used vellum sentiments for each of these cards...  I wanted to be able to see the whole of the background and not cover it up with other papers or images. 

I even found some eyelets to the same place as my heatgun :) 
 An item that I'm sure most of us have tucked in a little box somewhere 

Remember, if you'd like to hook out your old heat gun and embossing powder then please feel free to join in and create your own background.  If you do please leave a comment and link me up and i'll send a little card related gift in the post to one of you.

Have a lovely weekend,  and see you all on Monday. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cars and Stars

Hello and welcome to card number three,

and probably my favourite from these backgrounds.

Maybe because it reminds me of when my three were little.

As shared here, I stamped one police car at a time with Versamark ink and added embossing powder to the image so I could see where to stamp next. The clear embossing powder used is very old, so old I purchased it when we lived in London some 10 years ago or more. 

Different sized stars stamps filled in the gaps.

Once all the images were heat set I used Tim Holtz distress inks with water to create another muted background. The ink pad was stamped onto a craft sheet and sprayed with water, mixing them together and picking up the ink with a paintbrush. A yellow and blue ink blended together nicely.

Did I say earlier that this is my favourite background. 

I will definitely be making some more of this design for my little nephews.
Maybe a fire engine or an aeroplane next.

Do you have a stamp suitable for making a card like this?

 If you'd like to hook out your old heat gun and embossing powder then please feel free to join in and create your own background.  If you do please leave a comment and link me up and i'll send a little card related gift in the post to one of you.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the remainder of your week. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

One photo and twenty words

One photo and Twenty words

The look of ... "What the Heck" as I lay across the landing floor to get a photo of him revising. 


This photos makes me laugh every time I look at it - if you knew this laid back boy you'd know that this really is a look of " What the she doing" and my first thought when taking this photo was .... someone needs to clean his mirror.

Thanks Abi for your wonderful meme.

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